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Married or commited

Do you think that your relationship is in trouble and you don’t know how to fix it? …

What If…

YOU had the power to bring your relationship back on track,
instead of guessing or “stressing” about what he’s thinking or why?…

Is his attention withdrawn, or he’s more irritable and less affectionate?…

What If…

You could LEARN what’s going on with your man when he is acting distant?…

Are the arguments and fights escalating,
and you’re not sure anymore how to get of that negative cycle?…

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Well, my friend, you’re not alone…

Here’s the thing – Most people venture out to the married life expecting it to be ideal, convenient, beautiful, and basically a “fairy tale” ending. We feel emotionally fulfilled, because he wants to make us happy, he cares about how we feel, and we’re sure we’ve found “the one”.

However, as time passes… -since nobody taught us “how to do relationships”-, things may start to shift.

Without realizing it, as we get more “comfortable” in the relationship, we may go back to our old behaviors, while he gets less and less attentive, the fights and arguments increase, the sex dries up, and we feel taken for granted.

I’ve been there myself. I know how hard it feels to be stuck in that downward slope, watch how my relationship deteriorates right in front of my eyes, and not know how to bring it back on track.
I felt powerless, sad, hopeless and lost… no one is to blame, the truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know.

 That’s why I am here to bring you the good news:

With the “tools” and skills you’ll learn in VeroLifeCoach sessions,you’ll never be in that situation again

Before things get “dreadful” between you too, you’ll be able to recognize what’s going on in your relationship, and you’ll know what to do to shift your energy and bring things back on track.

The main goal of VeroLifeCoach sessions is to raise your knowledge and awareness so much that you feel empowered to be the “emotional expert” of your own relationship.

You don’t have to waste years of trial and error, confusion, struggle, fighting and unhappiness for you to figure things out- like I did…

Instead, now you can LEARN how men and relationships really work, you can literally heartache-proof your relationship from now on and start enjoying all the good stuff of a loving relationship – laughter, closeness, emotional security, intimacy and support.

Schedule your FREE 30 MINUTES Discovery Session

VeroLifeCoach sessions

provide “the” sure path for married women, and women in committed relationships. 

In our sessions you’ll have access to the inside scoop on what makes a loving relationship work,
and his heart tick not just for “now” but for “good”.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:


How Romantic Relationships Work

First and most, you will learn how being aware of the interplay of masculine and feminine energies will become the “compass” of your relationship. Once you’re conscious of this amazing foundation on which romantic relationships thrive, there will be no going back.

You’ll experience first-hand, the advantages of being in your feminine energy around him.

You’ll be able to recognize exactly how the relationship energy flow works, and how to set it right, if things are feeling off.

Stopping Behaviors That Kill His Love

I’ll show you how some of the “harmless” behaviors that we women engage in, are actually very damaging to man’s attraction for us, to our relationship, and even to the way we feel for him.

I call these behaviors “killing it softly”, although unintentionally, we literally threat killing, without even knowing, our love relationship and his attraction for us. These behaviors make him disappear on us, withdraw from us, and/or as awful as it is, take us for granted. 


The Magic of Communication

It is NOT what you say, it is HOW you say it!

If you’re caught in an ego battle, a power struggle where there’s lots of yelling, blaming, and no constructive outcome…we can fix this!

I will teach you HOW to talk to your man from your powerful feminine energy. We will address expressing your innermost honest and vulnerable truth from a non-competitive place, so he can “hear you”. You’ll learn how to ask for your unmet needs while getting him to open up and bond emotionally with you.

Be In The Same Team

The mantra is – “We’re in the same team.”

I’ll show you HOW to INVITE him to be in your team, so you can effectively deal the logistics of happy, committed relationships – managing finances, dividing household chores, bringing up kids, coping with in-laws and supporting each other at odd times.



Let me tell you, once I learned all the
“tools” I’ll be teaching you, it allowed me to clearly see things I could have done differently in prior relationships…
If I knew back then what I know now about men, love, and relationships, I would’ve been able to avoid countless heartbreaks and disappointments in my life.

… You can do this!

Don’t wait any longer, go ahead and schedule your
FREE 30 minute “DISCOVERY SESSION” with me !

You can learn how to ignite the flame of love back in your marriage or relationship,

Once You get the knowledge of how men, love and relationships work, you’ll be amazed to see how effortlessly you can create the “happily ever after” of your dreams.
You’ll be relaxed enjoying in the safety of his love and your beautiful relationship.

Schedule your FREE 30 MINUTES Discovery Session

You can have the love you want, and I can’t wait to help you succeed.

Love XoXo

Vero Vidal

This is one of my favorite quotes:

“If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t expose it to the elements. You don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new. It becomes special because you have made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.” – Elder F. Burton Howard

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