Adult Woman

Each decade or stage of adult life in a woman, brings a new purpose. From being a student, to being a career woman; becoming a parent, and raising a family as a wife, or as a single mother. Then, facing the challenges of change, such as the kids going off to college or living on their own; becoming divorced or widowed. At any point in time, you may feel ready to find “true love at last” and dream with creating a “new normal” with new responsibilities, new identities, and relationships.

No matter where you are in your life right now, Veronica can make sure your’re headed in the right direction with proven life coaching “tools” on a wide variety of topics including:

Dating, Love and Marriage at Any Age
Fixing the Damage in a Romantic Relationship
Effective Communication Skills
Single Mothers
Dealing with Defiant Children of Any Age
Facing Divorce/Widowhood
Work-Life Balance
Stress Management
Relaxation Techniques
Visualization Techniques
Managing Significant Life Transitions

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